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  • “I have symptom X. What’s wrong with me?”Each person is a unique individual with a different internal makeup.

    “I have symptom X. What’s wrong with me?”
  • What is Applied Kinesiology (AK)?Applied Kinesiology is a unique system for evaluating body function or dysfunction by means of muscle tests. It is a holistic technology, addressing the entire person (structure, chemistry, & emotions), rather than just one isolated part.

    What is Applied Kinesiology (AK)?
  • What is muscle testing?Patient is asked to apply force in one direction (commonly with the arm or leg), while the doctor applies force in the opposite direction.

    What is muscle testing?


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What our patients have to say about us:

Within days after my first visit, I began to notice a difference in my ability to have a good night sleep, my energy levels began to improve and the intense aches and pains associated with extreme fatigue were beginning to diminish… [Dr. Sherman] does not only deal with symptoms. Instead, he uses them, like a detective, to find the correct path that will lead him to the source of the ailment.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS
Thank you so much for all the patience and work you have been doing with Coby. I am seeing a tremendous change in him – a small change in his behavior and an enormous growth with his intelligence and processing abilities. I also see changes in each of us slowly. I look forward in coming months working with you and Coby. Thank you again for your time and patience.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADD
Jill experienced spells of excruciating, throbbing headaches for over four years. She had this to say:
“Upon beginning treatment with Dr. Sherman, I noticed immediate improvement, then a progression of further steady improvement. My migraines are all but gone… I feel that Applied Kinesiology is especially of benefit because of its effective diagnostic ability. Using muscle testing, Dr. Sherman was able to tell during my visit what was at the root of the problem and treat it immediately.
Migraine Headaches
I am now a different person inside and out. My hourly asthma attacks are gone as are my joint and muscle pains. The allergy sensitivity level has dropped dramatically (and continues to do so)… I have lost 37 pounds, old acne scars are gone, and premature lines around my eyes are gone too. The dark circles around my eyes are disappearing, and my skin has a glow to it.
Multi Dysfunction

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